Carolyn Lawrence, Realtor

Some of my most favorite memories growing up were spent on weekends traveling the roads of Oklahoma, from one open house to the next with my family. I admired the knack for design and the beauty in the architecture of a well-built home. Indeed, an aesthetically beautiful home, built strong and sturdy is appealing, there is also such important behind the scenes work that goes into this presentation. It is with great pride; I am finally able to be a piece of the puzzle that goes into making someone’s dream of buying a home a reality. My name is Carolyn Lawrence, and I am a newly licensed agent with West and Main Homes. I bring with me a passion for community, a strong background in sales and an unwavering commitment to clients needs and goals. Born and raised in Oklahoma, I hope to serve our great state’s residents in the journey to becoming a homeowner with transparency, knowledge and most of all trust. The home buying process deserves attention to detail and the ability to fine tune features. I will prove to provide that to my clients with confidence, dedication and persistence. Accurate and effective communication is key in this relationship. I want to provide a smooth and exciting experience for the home buyer, as this is memorable moment in their life, that I will be grateful to be a part of! I intend on establishing a lasting career as a realtor by building strong connections with my clients and their families, exhibiting the will to learn and discovering everything that Oklahoma has to offer in its diversity of real estate properties. My promise is to stay educated on current real estate trends and keep buyers and sellers well informed. With a degree in social science, I value the importance of utilizing resources and networking to provide the most access to clients needs and requests. Taking on this new adventure with zest and elation, I look forward to providing you with hard work and support from the very beginning all the way to the closing table.

Office Phone Number: 405-652-0078

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