We love a good house plant. If you've ever been to our office you know it's crawling with them. Something about adding living things to a space makes it come to life.

Homes.com has helped us round up some common places you house plants.

Bring nature indoors this summer with pretty houseplants that will add some life to your living space. Houseplants are known to decrease stress, improve air quality, and even accelerate healing. According to a study published by Texas Agriculture and Medicine University, houseplants have even been shown to improve concentration and memory, as well. Plants like ivy and spider plants have been shown to remove pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene from the air, according to NASA’s clean air study.


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We love all things homes and are excited for what is to come in the 3D printing world. Here at Dwell Urban Real Estate we want everyone to find a home they feel comfortable in and proud of. This new technology feat is a step towards that direction. Heres a look into America's first 3D printed home that could revolutionize things. Thanks, Zillow Porchlight for the great info!


What if a printer could solve the housing crisis?

More than one billion people are living without shelter across the globe. New Story — a nonprofit building homes in the developing world — is reminded of this problem every day.

“We would go and look at where kids were being born into tents with mud and sewage that would rush through the dirt floor,” says New Story…

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Photo curtesy of Jana Busey's listing in Nichols Hills. Check it out here!

Buying your first home can be an exciting time in your life, but before you take the leap to homeownership you will want to be certain that you are prepared. There are many questions you may have when considering transitioning from renting into buying your first home. We would be happy to sit down with you and analyze your credit report, discuss your overall financial goals and tell you about some programs that may make buying a home easier than you thought possible.

Here are some of the questions we will review when you come in to help prepare you to become a successful homebuyer:

How is your credit?

Before you consider purchasing a home, we will review your credit…

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The days are getting longer which means we are spending more time outside. PureWow helped us round up some trends to add to your garden this summer to impress your guests!



Outdoor dining is no longer relegated to the patio right off the house. This year, expect to see chic little setups under pergolas and gazebos sited deeper into the garden. All of which creates a vibe that’s way more immersive—like this magical alfresco "room" by Marcus Barnett.


Want “less mowing, more growing”? Low-maintenance groundcover plantings are the ultimate alternative to green grass lawns. We love flowering varieties like blue star creeper, which offers gorgeous texture and color (seen here between pavers in…

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1. Pump up your patio. Upgrade the look of your patio with stylish outdoor furniture. Lounge chairs, loveseats and sofas are comfy additions to any exterior space. Accent your furniture with throw pillows, potted plants and fashionable side tables. Finish off your patio décor with quirky details like string lighting, vintage candelabras and fun arrangements of succulents.

Include a chimenea or patio-safe fire pit in your plans. A cozy fire will offer mood lighting, warmth and even a place to roast marshmallows.

2. Perfect your pergola. Pergolas are the picture-perfect outdoor living space. Fill your pergola with comfy seating for an outdoor lounging area. Or, open up the space with a beautiful outdoor dining set. Include an antique bar cart…

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OKCTalk has done a great job gathering information for what is up and coming in The Paseo District. We had to share!

The Paseo is one of Oklahoma City's first urban districts, blending arts and culture and eclectic businesses and surrounded by an interesting mix of housing of all types.

After decades of watching other districts like The Plaza and Midtown and neighoring Uptown get all the attention with lots of new restaurants, bars and retail, The Paseo is now in the middle of a new wave of expansion and redevelopment that is bringing new life and interest to the area, along with growing crowds.

One of the district's anchors and biggest draws, the well-loved Picasso Cafe, continues it's popular run after a modest but impactful renovation.…

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Bird's have been poping up as if overnight all around Oklahoma City. We're here to help you understand the takeover and maybe help you on your first ride!

Bird is an electric scooter sharing company that wants to help bigger cities reduce the number of car rides and provide cheaper transportation. The company has dropped Bird's off all over the city to make the shorter trips you need quick and the most economical.

Bird's can go at a maximum of 15 mph and require you to wear a helmet when using. You must be 18 or older to use the scooters.

Price: The cost for riding a bird is $1 to unlock and $0.15 per minute.

How to ride a Bird

1. Download the app on your phone here.

2. Choose which bird you would like to use based on the location…

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The answer is shocking when it comes to how much a Millennial spends on rent by the time they hit 30. Rentcafe did some research and found that $93,000 is spent on rent by a millennial from the age of 22 to 30. Can you imagine if you already had that much paid off on your house?

According to Rentcafe, many of the reasons why millennials are not buying homes is because of their increasing student debt. Many of them need affordable homes but still want attractive amenities. From affordable to luxury, we can help you find your dream home! Check out our listing for newly updated homes and read more below for information about millennials and renting.

"Besides the heavy rent burden, there are several other reasons why Millennials witness such…

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John Rex Elementary school is one of the most highly sought after schools in OKC. We were thrilled to hear that they have officially opened up a new middle school for this fall in the Myriad Gardens.

Velocity helped us gain some more information about the new school opening.

The John Rex Charter School (JRCS) unveiled its middle school in the Myriad Botanical Gardens on Aug. 2. Administrators and community leaders shared plans for the middle school addition, sixth through eighth grades. The middle school is the only active, public school in a botanical garden in the country.

“Our families have repeatedly asked the school to create a path for their children from pre-K all the way through high school. Today, we are moving one step closer to…

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Our friends over at Velocity put together some information about the Will Rogers airport expansion and we were so giddy we had to share!

Updated renderings and finalized construction documents for the Will Rogers World Airport terminal expansion were presented to the Oklahoma City Airport Trust (Trust) today after which the Trust authorized the advertisement and solicitation of construction bids. The terminal expansion project will add four new airline gates, a new streamlined security checkpoint, a public airfield observation experience, and space for future international air service.

If you would like to see the animated renovation click here.

The Trust anticipates receiving the bids by the end of October with construction beginning in the…

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