Elizabeth Jones, Realtor

Elizabeth Jones didn’t grow up in Oklahoma, but she got here as fast as she could, and she absolutely loves being part of Oklahoma City and experiencing the wonderful place this special town is becoming as it continues to develop and evolve!

Elizabeth’s clients benefit not only from her past careers in both the fitness industry and in mental health - no one cares more about helping people reach for the highest goals + and making their biggest dreams come true - but also from her vast experience earned through relocating + moving to new homes and locations throughout her entire early life.

When Elizabeth isn’t helping folks make smart moves and investments, you’ll likely find her traveling with her Torontonian husband (go Raps!) or attempting to learn French while cuddling her supper cute kitties Coco + Posh. Looking for a pickup soccer game or a new OKC foodie destination to try? Ask Elizabeth, she’ll be happy to share her faves!

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